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Four Schillings Short

The Blue Moon finally had live music again this past Saturday. It’s been an age since they’ve had anything live there. I remember when they moved to the new location they used to fill up with standing room only each and every Saturday. Now-a-days when you go in there on a Friday or Saturday you’ll be lucky to find anyone in there at all, yet alone someone you may know.

Anyway, the band that they had there was a celtic type band by the name of Four Shillings Short. They have only two band members, a couple by the names of Aodh Óg Ó Tuama & Christy Martin. Aodh was born in Ireland and learned everything through his Irish heritage. Christy Martin had studied most of her life.

The most interesting part of their tour is that it is non-stop. They have been going for many years and don’t show any signs of stopping. They say that they are booked up through 2011, touring all the way from Connecticut to the West Coast. Freaking amazing I tell you. Thats exactly what I want to do — live out of a van traveling for the rest of my life. Although I believe I would choose a vehicle that was a bit more comfortable than the one they had. I did however, like their collection of bumper stickers.

You can find their website here:

And I have yet to figure out how to embed music on here.


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