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Screen Printing

I’ve finally begun my screen printing adventures. I’ve been wanted to do screen printing for some time now. Ever since I made a T-Shirt in 7th grade technology class, I knew it was something I’ve wanted to do at least as a hobby. I always hated thinking up cool designs or sayings for shirts, but not being able to make them come to life. Now I can, ideally, make any kind of design that I want. Ideally, however, means that anything more than one color, would, indeed, be too advanced for the set up I’ve got.
The press I’ve got is just a single color press. I bought it for $81 on Ebay and it is the simplest unit you can get. The more advanced units require a lot more space, but can print up to 16 colors and also cost thousands of dollars.

The exposure unit I have is just a simple one that I made out of PVC pipe. tries to rip you off and charge you upwards of $50 for a lesser design.

The first T-Shirt I made is a replica of the one I made in 7th grade. Now I’ve got to order a couple more screens, so that I can start making more designs.

I’ve invested $400 initially in this endeavor. In one sense, that is kind of crazy for something that may only be a hobby, but right now I’m giddy as hell with the ability to make my own t-shirts at will. Maybe I’ll start selling them on Ebay and make a few bucks off of them.


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  1. Good luck Jake. It’s probably best to start off small/cheap and it’s an ideal “starter” press. Your home-made exposure unit looks impressive to me. You’re obviously very arty (what with your photography too)and talented.
    Would you say you were a perfectionist?
    I loved silk-screen printing at school, but it was done the old fashioned way lol.

    I hope you make some money out of it. Please post photos of future designs.

    Thanks for your comment.


    Comment by Col | November 26, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] unit I like using a spotlight and pvc pipe from lowes. You can see how someone else made one here any good home exposure unit is going to have some foam to help the light stay out and hold it […]

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