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Ever heard of Podcasts?

I used to listen to them all the time, but once I moved everything from my desktop to my laptop, my subscriptions didn’t make the transition.

For those of you that are sheltered, or not sheltered for that matter, Podcasts are individual broadcasts done by anyone and everyone on iTunes. They can be blogs, personal music, story telling – anything. I think it is quite unique in that you don’t need any radio broadcast channel or even anything interesting to talk about.

A couple years ago, – in fact maybe it was three years ago (tempus fuget), I started listening to a guy who made up his own stories, and as far as I know, now considers himself a writer. As far as I am concerned, he deserves the title. His podcast was, and is titled, The Seanachai.

The stories he comes up with are absolutely unique and unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Along with his voice, background music, and sound effects, it is much more than simply reading or listening to an Audio Book. The way he makes his podcast is just a very enticing and orgasmic party for the ears.

I just love it.

Recently he started broadcasting again after some quite a break. But I’m glad he’s back, and better than ever.

Check him out at

A few of the other podcasts I used to listen to (and some are still available) :

Marc Gunn’s Pub Songs Podcast
Renaissance Festival Podcast

…and a few that I’ve already forgotten.


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