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Photo Class

I’ve decided to post a couple of the pictures from my photography class. All these pictures were ones that I took for last weeks assignment where we had to take pictures of things that represented basic composition. Let me know what you think. I still haven’t got the hang of posting pictures. Everytime I upload to Photobucket, i forget to upload with the highest quality, and when I upload them onto here I always choose large…

If you can help me with it than I’d be greatful…

You’ll have to click them to see the entire pic…as I have now found out that it did not work.

I like this one. I set the Kuckucks Uhr to go off and took a picture while it was going off. I like how it shows the shadows and detail of the clock, even though I used the flash.

I liked these two candle pictures because of the depth of field. I love how, even though the candle is the main object, the background seems to tell a story….my story, since it is my desk afterall.

Same goes for this next one. I like how it seems to tell the story of part of my life. The colours are cool. Again, this was a great pic considering how dark it was.

This is my niece. The picture is really dark, but I liked it. She is suck a sucker for the camera. She posed for this pic, literally. If you were there, you wouldn’t really see anything deep in this expression, but the photo does. I’m afraid she’ll be one those those whores on Americas Next Top Model in a couple years.

I’ve learned a lot after 4 weeks. I can actually use my fancy-schmancy DSLR Nikon. It was a great investment.


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  1. Although I love taking photographs, I’ve no idea about any of the technical stuff. All I can say is… great photos!

    Btw, what’s in the jars? lol

    Take care,

    Comment by Col | February 6, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’m a person who enjoys the spiritual light that only candles can provide. I enjoyed seeing the photos of candles in your blog. You’re a great photographer with a good eye for beauty.

    Comment by Anonymous | February 8, 2009 | Reply

  3. LOL @ her becoming a whore.

    Sad to say, you’re probably right.

    Keep up the work with the camera – start reading some photo blogs, and get in touch with other amatuer photogs’ as they are generally really helpful 🙂

    Comment by pinstripe | February 11, 2009 | Reply

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