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Memorial Day

So this weekend at work we had a Harley Owners Group Convention. Or better known as a HOG Rally. I love bikers. They are the kindest and most REAL people in the whole world.

I would have some pictures for you……………………….but since my camera was stolen, there is nothing I can do. Apparently I left my car unlocked outside my house on Saturday night. I never do that. I ALWAYS try and lock my car, usually it’s just second nature. The ONE night I don’t some little prick comes around and steals it all. I got in my car, went to turn on my music and my crappy MP3 player was gone. Drama! Imagine the horror movie screech sound effect. I looked back and to my horror, it was gone.

They stole my whole camera bag, with my Nikon D80, 2 lenses, all my memory cards (nothing special on them, thank god), a small point and shoot, and the case itself. I told the officer it was about $1400. It was probably less than that, but if I find the bastard, that’s what I’ll sue him for.

Anyway, a Harley rally is something that is very magical. The sound of hundreds of motorcycles reving their engines, emitting toxic fumes into the atmosphere is very unique. Probably something you foreigners will never experience :P. The road is blocked and the road is open to them.

This may sound corny to some of you. But you have to be there.

A couple years ago, a soldier, someone I somewhat knew, died in Iraq and had his funeral here in town. A group of protestors out of Kansas came up and were protesting the war. A large group of riders called the Patriot Guard, or sometimes known as the Freedom riders, gathered in downtown Hastings, lined the streets and shielded the family and mourners from the protestors. When they began their protests, they simply started their bikes and drowned out the sound.

What a great moment in time. 450 bikers took time out of their day and paid to travel to Hastings just to pay respect for a fallen soldier.

This weekend I met a woman by the name of Monica Harvey. She sang 3 beautiful songs at the rally and seems to be a hero throughout the United States. She goes by the title “Little Sis” because she goes around to all of the Vietnam Memorial replicas (the original being in Washington DC) and “Welcomes Home” all the different soldiers that served in previous wars. She goes up to them, thanks them, Welcomes them Home. She calls herself Little Sis, simply because many didn’t welcome the vets home, or say thank you when they got back.

She gave me a pin in the shape of a heart with a bandaid over it. A very cool and touching moment.

Like I said, you’ve got to be at a rally to experience it.


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  1. Great post though, man! Propz Pilgrim

    Comment by Pilgrim | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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