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Billy Elliot

I’ve always been a big fan of Billy Elliot. I became an even bigger fan when the musical came out in 2005. It’s hard to believe its already been four years!! I’m just curious as to whether anyone has seen it in person? I’ve seen alot of promo videos and YouTube videos and have always wanted to go to see it.

I’ve been thinking about taking a vacation this Christmas. I’ve always wanted to go to London and the UK. But it will be in December and the cold weather is less than appealing. But I could visit my old German host family and then just go wherever from there.

Then I thought about taking a vacation to Austrailia, but it would be in the middle of Summer when all of the other tourists will be going. So that’s a big turn off as well.  But I could go and see Billy Elliot there as well.

Has anyone seen it in person? Is it as good as everyone says it is? I wanted to see it when Liam Mower was one of the leads, but that was a long time ago already. I’ve been looking at tickets for the show and the prices are just as shocking as those on broadway, or at least they were when the pound was beating the shit out of the dollar.

I had meant for this post to be longer, but I’ve decided to ponder vacation ideas more. If you’ve got any let me know!


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  1. I saw it in NY and it is amazing – the three boys who play Billy are all great – the one I saw was Kiril Kulik (maybe spelled wrong idk) – and they all three won Tony awards this year for their performance – GO SEE IT!

    Comment by goleftatthefork | August 1, 2009 | Reply

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