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A Rough Day

It has indeed been a rough day. One of my days off…but a rough day indeed.

I’ve been having trouble at work. Apparently I am too much of a hard ass and expect too much of people and I’ve been told that I have terrible ‘soft skills’. Seems stupid…I only expect people to work as hard as I do. Is that too much to ask?

I don’t think that I was too hard on the very few people that I am supposed to be ‘managing’. I worked my ass off when I was in their position and now I expect the same from them. The job that they are doing isn’t hard at all and yet they make it so much more difficult on themselves.

Anyway, I no longer wish to work there if I have to put up with stupid crap all the time. It disappoints me to no end, because I have yet to stay at a job for longer than a year. It seems that everytime I get to one year, I get pissed off or something and I just can’t take it anymore. I absolutely hate going to work today when I know something is going to wrong and I’m going to get yelled at for some stupid reason.

Every time I talk to my Mom about something like this she tells me that you can’t always get along with everyone at your job and you just have to stick it out through the hard times. I’m sure that some of you would say the same thing. I disagree. I won’t stay at a job that I hate.

It’s also been a terrible day for several other reasons, but I don’t feel like blogging any more this evening.

Good Night.


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