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After tomorrow, the snow will be gone 😦

But if you’re reading this in a feed reader you don’t even know about it.


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I’m so broke. I’m not even going to make rent this month. Sorry to be blogging about this, but that’s what blogs are for. I’d post some more fun stuff, but this has got me down.

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Logan Lerman is absolutely gorgeous! Went from a cute, great acting kid to…….

A Gorgeous Hunk!

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For the last 4 years or so, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the Holiday Season. In fact, I don’t like many Holidays at all. They are just another day. I can entirely support the sense of unification and getting everybody together for the holidays for some quality time. On the other hand, I absolutely hate my family and can’t listen to my parents jabber for even a few minutes without getting pissed off at them.

I don’t understand the whole gift-giving thing either. Why, when most of the world is in economic turmoil, should we be socially forced to give gifts to other people? Why should I have to have a reason to buy someone a gift? Why do people stomp on the pieces of an already broken bank by buying gifts for people? I can see one or two thoughtful things for your immediate family members, but numerous other bloggers have already expressed mucho stress and financial burden over having to buy people gifts or send some sort of acknowledgement of your existence. And what for? Because its the social norm?

It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. I would much rather not buy anything for anyone and have no one buy anything for me. Why should two people spend $20 on each other for something they probably won’t even like. I’d rather take my own $20 and spend it on something that I want rather than play it with chance and get something totally useless. The obligation just kills me.

I guess it doesn’t help that I’m an atheist. All the religious crap that goes with the Holidays is another reason for me to tune it all out. Gotta love the hypocrites who claim they “believe” in something, but are only obligated to express it twice a year. Why bother?

One day I hope to have someone to spend the holiday with. Even if I don’t do it for the typical reasons. I still believe it can be a great time to become closer, but that’s not what Americans are in it for.

I do however, love, Christmas music. Yes, I may be a hypocrite just for that, but hey, I like my music.

Below are a couple of videos of my most favourite movie of all time: Joyeux Noel or Merry Christmas (In English). I can highly recommend this film. It is absolutely FANTASTIC! Talk about a tear jerker.

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Dreaming of the Past

Someone on Milkboys posted a poem which I had long forgotten:

To the Virgins, to make much of time
by Robert Herrick

GATHER ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:
And this same flower that smiles to-day
To-morrow will be dying.

The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
The higher he ’s a-getting,
The sooner will his race be run,
And nearer he ’s to setting.

That age is best which is the first,
When youth and blood are warmer;
But being spent, the worse, and worst
Times still succeed the former.

Then be not coy, but use your time,
And while ye may, go marry:
For having lost but once your prime,
You may for ever tarry.


It may sound pathetic, that I am only 20 and think that.

Been wanting to post more lately, but haven’t had any motivation. Kinda stressed out…I sold my tv for way less than what I bought it for. I am kind of glad. Hopefully I will be able to spend more time doing other things than playing Video games and watching tv.

I just want to find a job.

I do however have some news……

The police arrested the kids that stole my camera. One of them was a 15 year old kid. It pisses me off. Fucking Juveniles. The other guy was 19 and was charged with selling stolen property. Now all I have to do is wait several more months until they go to court. I have to talk to the victims advocate on Monday as to what I can do. I plan to sue the little fucker for all $1400 even though I will get it back. There are so many things I could have done with that camera. If there are any lawyers out there I would really love some advice, please contact me if you can help, I’d be extremely gracious!

The sad things, this case could have been solved several months ago. The camera was turned in in August. The officer that took the report 9 months ago was Officer R, but the person who questioned the person who turned the camera in was Officer B. Officer R thought that Officer B was on the case, and Officer B thought Officer R was on the case. Sooooooooooooo, the case has been sitting stagnant for the past 4.5 months. I could have had my camera back by now.

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Today is the second day that I have sat up in the night and cried while reading

Please, Check it Out.

Gives Me Hope

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